We are much more than just a bicycle shop. We are a full-service shop, established in 2017, focused on performance, and specialized in fitness and competitive cycling, delivering the best possible service. Our mission is to assist our clients with advancing in their sport, by delivering premium services along with the best possible selection of performance bicycles and cycling products. We also a marketing company and represent various cycling brands in the South of the US.


Alberto -President

Adventure defines his bio in one word. He started his career as an expedition leader, guiding both land and scuba expeditions to the Galapagos Islands. During the first part of his career, he was responsible for designing and implementing adventure travel operations, including mountain biking. He is the founder of Bikanics USA, active with multiple cycling groups, events and programs, and currently is one of the most sought-out bike techs in the area. Alberto has a degree in adventure travel and an MBA with a concentration in entrepreneurship; he is a world traveler, lived in South America, Europe, got married in India, and speaks Spanish, German, and English fluently.

Bryan – CEO


Bryan attended Texas A&M University, where he found his passion for non-traditional sports in paintball. As a former bodybuilder and fitness coach, he has moved into the mountain biking world. Since his athletic transition, he is now actively competing in MTB enduro. With a combined degree in mechanical engineering and business management, he has focused his career on technical design and sales of advanced industrial equipment in various south US states. He is effectively using all skill sets to make cycling product demonstrations and generate sales, helping clients understand the dynamics and mechanical implications of the products they use.